Spay and Neuter

Spay and neuter is an important part of your pets health as well as public health. It not only helps to control the pet population but also to decrease unwanted behaviors and preventable disease. Spay and neuter is a common procedure but it is not risk free and not all spays and neuters are equal. At Clements Ferry Veterinary we take several steps to ensure a safe, comfortable and pain free experience for your pet.

Every pet that undergoes anesthesia will have blood work performed to ensure they are safe to undergo anesthesia and to minimize any unforeseen surprises concerning organ function and the possibility of infection. We place a central line and give fluids before, during and after every procedure to maintain proper blood pressure and hydration. A skilled veterinary technician monitors heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, ECG, and oxygen saturation throughout the entire spay or neuter procedure. We also use several different modalities of pain control to ensure a comfortable and speedy recovery. All sutures are placed under the skin to help prevent self-trauma from licking and there is no need to bring them back to get them removed. Your pet will arrive in the morning and be back at home by the afternoon.