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Preventative & Wellness Care

Ever heard the phrase the best offense is a good defense? We believe a good defense is preventative care which means diagnosing potential problems before they occur. We are also dedicated to educating you about the best ways to care for your pet to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

Our pets age on average 7 times faster than we do. This makes it very important to see them often to catch any problems early. We recommend wellness exams every 6 months to keep your pets healthy. The physical exam is by far the most important part of your visit. During this visit we will formulate a personalized plan based on your pets lifestyle, risk factors, age, and home environment. Our pets are very good at hiding their discomfort. After all in the wild they cannot show any weakness, or they will be singled out. It is also hard to see subtle changes when you spend every day with them. Bi-annual exams and wellness blood work help us stay one step ahead of any potential problem.

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